Documentary style, non-fiction based time stopper. Lover of bona fide human connection. Fervent for nature and moody skies. 

E n g a g e m e n t   /  W e d d i n g   /  P o r t r a i t  /   A d v e n t u r e   /  L i f e s t y l e 

The name is // Jessie (takes pictures) Zevalkink

Age // 27.9

Location // Nomad based out of Traverse City, MI

Height // 5’2” on a good day

Eyes // One is always open

Hair // Chameleon

Heritage // Dutch… very Dutch.

Occupation // Time stopper. Dreamer. Doesn’t stop moving.

Education // Visual Arts. Flying. Sailing.

Language // English. Swears in German

Strength // Handstands

Weakness // Sugar. Of any kind.

Why Jessie ? // Lets have a coffee and I’ll tell you.

Please contact me with any of your photography needs.

Wedding & engagement packages available upon request.  Thank you for browsing : )

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